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Full Service Podcasting for your business. Whether you are new for podcasting or have tried your luck before, our team of professionals can ensure your message reaches your target audience. 

Telling Your Story

We make the Podcast process simple and fun! We’ll sit down with you to brainstorm and figure out your exact needs and what your’e looking to get out of the podcast. We aid in the creative process of developing a Podcast that is informative, purpose-driven and helps you connect with your audience on a deeper level.

Our Services

Building a Podcast from Scratch

Looking to start a new Podcast from scratch? We can help! We’ll help you brainstorm exactly what you’re trying to convey to your audience, take care of the editing, production and launch of your new show!

Edit/Review Existing Podcast

If you already have an existing podcast and need someone to take care of the editing and back work, we can provide the service of cleaning up the raw audio. 

Podcast Consulting

Have any questions about any part of the process of podcasting? Please feel free to contact me and schedule a time to meet.

The Power of Podcasting

No matter what your story is, a Podcast is a simple and effective way to reach a target audience. One of the reasons a podcast is effective is because it is easily accessible and portable. It can be found all over the web and can be listened to while driving, cooking, working out, or anywhere else where you can’t stop and watch a screen.

Podcasts can also aid in building strong relationships with your audience. And with strong relationships comes trust. Your audience wants to learn more about you, what you do and how you can fulfill their needs.


“Connor’s “Up before you Podcast” is something that is driven by his genuine desire to tell everyday people’s stories.  By following Connor’s podcast not only have I gotten to know my fellow Barrington residents/gym members on a different level but I’ve been able to learn and gain insight from people across the country who I would have never had any interaction with otherwise. This podcast shows you can learn something from everyone you come in contact with.”

Dr. David Crosson of Barrington ChiroFit-

“The Up Before You Podcast brings inspiration, knowledge, fun and information to its listeners. The host does a very good job at making each episode sound as a conversation instead of an interview which I really appreciate. When Connor asked me to be on the show, I was thrilled! During our conversation he was always engaged, made me feel comfortable being there and made me feel present. Which is exactly what you look for when doing podcasts or anything similar.”

Chris Cronin, Co-Owner of CrossFit Barrington-

Podcasts are a vital piece of communication in today’s world and being able to easily record, edit, and post a Podcast episode is why Connor Warman is a vital ingredient in our work at SANACORA.  Show up and record is all one needs.  Connor does the rest and does so with professional vision and kind direction.  Thanks from SANACORA!


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