Podcasting Services Available

What We Do

We make the podcast creation process easy and fun! We’ll sit down with you to brainstorm and figure out your exact needs and what you’re looking to get out of the podcast. We help in the creative process of developing a podcast that is informative, purpose-driven and helps you connect with your target audience on a deeper level.

The Power of Podcasting

No matter what your story is, a Podcast is a simple and effective way to reach your target audience. One of the reasons a podcast is effective is because it is easily accessible and portable. It can be found all over the web and can be listened to while driving, cooking, working out, or anywhere else where you can’t stop and watch a screen. Podcasts can also aid in building strong relationships with your audience. And with strong relationships comes trust. Your audience wants to learn more about you, what you do and how you can fulfill their needs.

Customized Service

Episodes Launched

Building a Podcast from Scratch

Looking to start a new podcast from scratch? We can help! We’ll help you brainstorm exactly what you’re trying to convey to your audience, take care of the editing, production and launch of your new show!

Service Includes

– 2 hrs. in person meeting on overall direction of the podcast and plan for the show going forward (length, format, frequency)

– Intro./Outro. and transitional music

– Help in creation of podcast name, logo, tagline

– Use of my equipment to record

– Teaching/Coaching individuals on being on the microphone, recording audio, etc.

– Editing/Producing the podcast after audio is recorded

– Selecting podcast hosting site

– Creating RSS feed for distribution of podcast

– Publishing podcasts and providing clients with files needed to post on company websites, social media pages, etc.


Edit Existing Podcast

If you already have an existing podcast and need someone to take care of the editing and back work we can provide the service of cleaning up the raw audio (removing ums, editing for length, closing gaps in conversation, removing coughs and sneezes, and anything else as requested as requested) to make sure the podcast sounds great and is ready to be published. 

Podcast Consulting

Have any questions about the Podcasting process? Please feel free to contact me and schedule a time to meet and ask me any questions you might have involving the podcasting process.